About the Book

Ninja Levels is a whimsically illustrated novelty activity book that's both entertaining and educational.  It starts with a short story, then goes into a set of ninja challenges one must complete to be more agile, intelligent, focused, balanced, aware, brave and overall more ninja. Yes, the challenges are kid friendly!  

Ninja Levels Book 1 includes the first 34 ninja levels and upon completion of the book, you will be a level 34 ninja!  

Great fun for all ages.  Ninja Level fans have included as old as 4 and as young as 80.  #ninjalevels

What's your ninja level?! 


This is a sample page from the book - ninja level 8...

 This is Santa using his ninja knowledge from ninja level 8.. 



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Ninja Levels buttons and books are available at:

Apostrophe Books  4712 E. 2nd Street; Long Beach, CA 90803

Songbird Boutique  2240 E. 4th Street; Long Beach, CA 90814


Ninja Levels debuted at the LA Times Festival of Books on April 20th, 2013 at USC to tremendous feedback and support.  The author and illustrator, Kenya Nishihira, came up with the concept of the book while playing with his nephew, Jim Jim.  Kenya studied film under Rory Kelly and oil painting under Joel Werring.  He is also an avid poet and artist of many mediums.