These were the Ninja Levels Signage Art pieces that were raffled off at the 626 Night Market over the summer. ..
How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?Below is the email blast we sent out yesterday.. Happy Halloween... and welcome to the Ninja Levels vs Zombies world!Every great journey begins with a step...For Halloween, we're releasing the beginning of Ninja Levels vs Zombies. Ninja Levels vs Zombies is a graphic novel that works to guarantee and explain the effectiveness of Ninja Levels in the case of a zombie apocalypse. For the NL Halloween special, I wanted to do a tribute to classic holiday specials like It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I hope everyone enjoys it.trick or treat KenyaAs a..
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4th of July Sale & Photos from the LA Times Festival of Books
Hi lil' ninja, It was so great to meet all of you back in April at the LA Times Festival of Books!! Not many of you know, but Ninja Levels Book 1 is actually independently aka self-published and you were there for its debut! We're so sorry we didn't have the camera out the first day.. but we did catch on our phone this very focused lil' ninja completing ninja level 2. Day 1 was insanity for Team Ninja Levels; we were understaffed and not prepared for such an overwhelmingly positive response. But we're so grateful! :) We didn't have a moment to think as there was a line the whole day.. ..
Congrats if you have 1 of 555 of the 1st edition of Ninja Levels Book 1!  We wanted to do a pretty small run of the first edition, with the hopes of giving a special value to the folks who were there from the beginning. We added some new artwork and revised a misprinted Ninja Level... more info on that to come. ;) The 2nd edition is now available and we've just printed 5000 of them! So... get your Ninja Level up!!! ..
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