Ninja Levels Amazon Reviews...

"My boyfriend and I recommended this book to a friend and he purchased 5 books for his friends with children, who all loved it as well! I highly recommend this book!" - Marsbar601


"Would definitely recommend this book to parents, teachers, and anyone else who wants to gift a child with a kick-ass book that will grab their attention, spark their imagination, and infuse them with a positive message. Well done!" - jennifer e bueth


"Brilliant! ...My second book I gave to my young nephews who are into the whole ninja craze. They absolutely love it! ...This book is a must buy if you have children. It's a perfect way to get them to read and be active." - R. Echavarria


"I highly recommend this book for all, young and old, boys and girls." - Ron Yuan


"I purchased this book for my nephew's 5th birthday and he absolutely loves it! The challenges are so much fun and it has been an amazing bonding experience for us." - cookieusc


"Highly recommended to anyone with kids, or anyone who wants to stay a kid!" - Bill R.


"I love how they make character building traits like patience and discipline a cool thing for them [to] strive for as they level up their ninja status." - Pen Name