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    • Ninja Levels Book 1

    • Both XL Slapper Stickers - 8" x 8" Kilroy Peek-A-Boo Ninja Sticker and 5" x 8" Flight Ninja Sticker

    • All 8 Buttons - 3 cm diameter

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    Ninja Levels is a whimsically illustrated novelty activity book that's both entertaining and educational.  It starts with a short story, then goes into a set of kid-friendly ninja challenges one must complete to be more agile, intelligent, focused, balanced, aware, brave and overall more ninja.  

    Ninja Levels Book 1 includes the first 34 ninja levels and upon completion of the book, you will be a level 34 ninja!  

    Great fun for all ages.  Ninja Level fans have included as old as 4 and as young as 80.  #ninjalevels

    What's your ninja level?!

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Ninja Levels Gift Pack

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